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Body Wraps: Infused with Herbal solution, wraps are applied to body part of choice and wrapped and relax for approx 30-45 min. losing 1-2 " / area

Cool laser process is a cold laser that reduces fat on a cellular level, process a cold wrap is applied and a cool suctioning tool is applied to the area and sit for 30 min and then radio frequency tool is used to massage and dispose of fat

losing 1-2" / area.

small area wraps: 45.00

med. wraps 55.00

large 65.00

cool sculpt 129.00 small area

med. 249.00

large 349. and up

Vein reduction: small size3-4 " 350.00/4 sessions 5-8" 550.00/4 sessions, 9"on up 750.00 -1000.00 

Haircuts; womens -35.00 and up

mens -18.00 and up

Hilights/lolights 55.00 and up

color permenant and semi permenant 45.00 and up

perms 65.00 and up

brazillian keratin straightenting treatments 125.00 and up

high gloss 35.00 and up

styles 25.00

updos 35.00 and up

scalp treatment and massage/ 25.00


Skin care services:

Facials/ mini facials 40.00 and up

microdermebrasian 55.00 and up<script

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TCA Peel 45.00 and up

Parafin hand treatment 25.00<a href="" title="Online scheduling" t="_blank"><img src="" alt="Schedule online now" border="0" /></a>href="" title="Online scheduling" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Schedule online now" border="0" /></a>

foot treatment 35.00



Lips 14.00

eyes 12.00

chin 15.00

facial 25.00


 Laser hair removal:

Series of 6 treatments small areas: lip, chin,fingers, toes, bikini.1300.00

Series of 6 treatments medium areas , upper or lower arms upper or lower legs,chest 2400.00

Series of six larger areas: 3500.00 full leg, full arms and back.( small/ medium people)

Series of extra large area: men/ women: large, extra large, legs, backs, arms, chest 4600.00

Unlimited packages available, which includes 1 year of full body laser, head to toe: 


Location: 600 E. Carmel dr., suite 207

Carmel,IN 46032



Mon - Fri: 9AM - 9PM
Sat: 10AM - 5PM
Sun: Closed